2022 ESFI x ERA7 Master Battle


In the Web3 esports world, we are committed to finding blue-blooded esports players who have the courage to take on challenges and constantly overcome all limits, and together to create a 3-minute fully passionate esports event in this Era7 world. We are immersed in this magical world, but also wish to be the One who lights up the world for all.

  • Organizer:

  • Co-organizer:

Event Timeline
Registration Date:

Registration opening at 16:00 (GMT+8) on 14th June

  • Qualifying: 23th June - 25nd June ( 32 into 16, 16 into 8)
  • Quarter Final: 29th June ( 8 into 4)
  • Semi-Final: 2nd July ( 4 into 2)
  • Final: 7th July
Prizes and Benefits

The prize pool of the contest is 10000 Era+8 Light BOX, see the table below for details;

Other benefits include:

  • The top 4 players in this competition will form a "Tavern-Challenge Team" and will be eligible for the top 8 Tavern-Challenge in the next contest;
  • Players can enjoy lifetime benefits of becoming a beta tester of future toolkit to be released by EsportsFi official;
  • All players will be qualified with an official EsportsFi affliate account to earn high commission;
  • Players will form the EsportsFi Contest Governance Committee with voting rights;
  • Players can become the initial members of DAO and obtain the permission of the airdrop whitelist.
1st 2800 Era+Light Box*1
2nd 2400 Era+Light Box*1
3rd 1800 Era+Light Box*1
4th 1200 Era+Light Box*1
5th -8th 150 ERA+Light Box*1
9th - 16th 150 ERA
* The rewards will be delivered in 7days after the contest
Qualification for the Contest
  • Players need to be passionate about Era7, keen to learn, and have a competitive spirit;
  • The account requires 30 ERA for contest purposes. Please note this is not the registration fee;
  • The minimum requirement for Deck power is 1800 points and ranked at Top 500.
  • The registration fee is 100ERA (if you are not successfully shortlisted, the registration fee will be returned to the sending address within 2 working days after the Final)
  • If a player withdraws from the game due to personal reasons, please inform the working group ONE working day before the contest;
  • The game ID should not contain any sensitive words related to politics, race, religion, regional discrimination, advertising and pornography;
  • After being shortlisted, please follow the guideline of the contest;
  • You are required to be able to record the game as the reference.