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eSportsFi.io is a platform that focuses on web3 esports events. We host innovative events for web3 gaming, incubate esports star players and pro teams, and bring web2 players into web3 world via our proprietary services and tools.

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We only partner with selected games with high quality of gameplay, competitiveness and token economy.EsportsFi.io takes the role of educating users, cultivating players and hosting esports events.

Three Steps To Participate

1st Step

Create Your Team


2nd Step

Exploring the universe gaming sloth


3rd Step

Fight For Championship



Active Players


Daily Tournaments

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Matches per Month

What we give players

Scholarship Account

Together with guilds and game studios, we provide scholarship accounts with NFT assets. No entry barriers for new players.

Gaming Strategy

We have gaming strategy masters to share their experiences and in-game strategy on a daily basis to boost your tournament performance.

Multiple Career Tracks

Professional game player is not the only route. You could be streamer, strategy master, community ambassador, just be who you are.

Handy Tools

We provide tools like battle team management, NFT price tracking, account rental etc. to let investors focus on trading, players focus on gaming

More Income

Extra income is always a benefit for playing web3 games. Winning our championship award is even better, like a yearly bonus.


You are a part of our community ! And our community will support you along the journey, from newbie to master.

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2022 ERA7 Master Battle BETA

Lead, not follow.

Master Battle is a tournament run by eSportsFi.io for ERA7 top players. We are committed to finding blue-blooded esports stars who have the courage to take on challenges and constantly overcome all limits. Together, we create a 3-minute fully immersive, exciting esports event in this Era7 world.

Check detail

Prize pool

10,000 ERA + 8 BOX
2022 JUNE